Probably the cheapest and quickest way to insulate your home is by installing loft insulation. The material used is usually of low to medium density. The Green Deal will cover loft insulation because it has a quick return on investment and the savings will quickly cover the initial outlay.

The Material

The insulation material used in lofts is a man made mineral fibre in the form of a roll. Silica is the generally the material used which creates a wool typre product, also known as glass wool. Old loft style installation has been replaced by this soft to touch and virtually non-itchy product. The material is delivered sealed into your loft.

Item Stored in Loft

You must ensure that all items stored in the loft are removed prior to installation. Small items may be moved by staff but in general we need an area ready for us to start on.


The insulation is simply laid between and across the joists. The loft hatch will also be insulated.

Once the installation has been completed the joists will not be visible. It is recommended that you use crawling boards when next you enter the loft and even then it should be done only if you have an idea where the joists are.

It would be wise to install loft floorboards to the area for safe use.

The installation should take about 2 hours to complete and the installers will clear up after themselves. They will take all the packaging away.

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